Allied Services

Land Titling (Geo Lands)

If you possess land without a title the NPCB can help you to obtain o Certificate of Compliance.

You must:

  • Be a member of the NPCB
  • Be In possession of the bid for at least seven (7) years or when added to that of your predecessor or this should be a minimum cl seven (7) years.
  • Present Proof of ownership such as a purchase receipt, deep of gift, sale agreement, etc.
  • Show evidence of Payment of taxes

Family Indemnity (CUNA)

With the Family Indemnity Plan, you can insure up to six family members under one life insurance plan for one affordable monthly premium

This Unique insurance plan (In partnership with CMFG Life Insurance Company) provides affordable security for you family upon death.

Health Insurance (Sagicor)

Every year across the Caribbean, thousands of people develop a critical illness with most of them surviving. Many people who once needed life insurance for their dependents or creditors also need financial support for themselves during their own lifetime as survival rates continue to improve.

Sagicor health insurance plans can help you determine your health coverage needs based on your own circumstances.

Livelihood Protection (GK General)

The Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP) is a trigger-based insurance policy, which is designed to help especially non-salary income earners to cope with the severe impacts on their livelihood following extreme weather events (rain and wind).

The intent is to provide individuals with an amount of money within a short period of time following an extreme weather event in order to stabilize their financial situation.

Change Your Life

Properties for Sale

We offer houses & lots for sale. Whether you’re looking for a residential, commercial or agricultural property, you can count on National People’s Co-Op Bank Of Ja Ltd for great offers. Moreover, you can get the best financing option from NPCB.