Welcome to the National People's
Cooperative Bank of Jamaica Ltd

Welcome to the National PC Bank

The National People’s Cooperative Bank of Jamaica Limited (NPCB) is a community based savings and lending institution registered under the Cooperatives Societies Act regulated, monitored and licensed by the Department of Cooperatives and Friendly Societies.

Secure your

It’s time to secure your future with a savings account from National People’s Co-Op Bank Of Ja Ltd. Start saving money towards your goals. The sooner you start, the better it turns out to be! Whether you want a starter account, partner plan or fixed investment, we offer you the best interest rate. Have free money growing for you!




The National People’s Co-operative Bank (NPCB) vision is to be the leading jamaican co-operative financial institution offerings quality products, world class service and adding value to our members.


Became a member by purchasing permanent shares along with an acceptable form of identification.

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