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The National People’s Co-operative Bank of Jamaica Limited (NPCB) stands as the primary 'community bank' dedicated to fostering rural agricultural and community development throughout Jamaica. Our comprehensive services cater to members and clients, encompassing savings and loan facilities for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), legal support (including land title financing through collaboration with the National Land Acquisition Programme), limited bill payment services (via Paymaster), and the Family Indemnity Insurance Plan through CUNA Mutual.

Established in 1905, NPCB has evolved from a cooperative savings and loans institution into a vital player in Jamaica's agricultural credit landscape. Originally utilized by the Government for post-disaster relief, the bank became pivotal in supporting small farmers' self-sufficiency and livelihoods. In 1994, a consolidation resulted in the formation of NPCB, boasting 35 branches and two sub-agencies across the island.

Recognized as 'more than the farmer’s bank,' NPCB's network empowers various agricultural sub-sectors, providing crucial support to enterprises such as the Broiler industry, fishing, greenhouse technology, and more.

NPCB serves as a lifeline for vulnerable small farmers who may face challenges accessing financing elsewhere, particularly due to their susceptibility to natural disasters. While the DBJ continues to contribute to NPCB's success through funding, technical assistance, and personnel training, ongoing rationalization aims to ensure the organization's profitability and sustainability by December 2012.

This reaffirms NPCB's commitment to driving growth, prosperity, and self-sufficiency within Jamaica's rural and agricultural communities.

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